Friday, October 11, 2013

Play Buttons!

A while back, I inherited a tin of buttons from my mom. They were my great aunt's and there are tons of them and all different kinds. At some point, I gave Cohen some to play with and ever since it's been "play buttons!" all throughout the day.

 He is pretty good about keeping them on the table or better yet, on a blanket on the floor. Buttons are a brilliant toy. You can dump them, pour them, sort them, match them, and find different shapes all while working on fine motor skills. I usually sit Cohen down on the floor on a blanket and give him a little jar of buttons and he just sits and plays with them for quite awhile, you know, like at least 10 minutes! he likes to put them in different containers or cars or whatever he has around.

I've shared my struggle with finding something, anything that Cohen will actually play with. Before buttons, he played with cars. And only cars. Now he plays with cars AND buttons. Yahoo!

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