Thursday, August 18, 2016

NWWF 2016

Our local fair is in town this week. Cohen loves the rides at the fair. We were surprised the first year when he went on rides and kept wanting to go on more! He's always been a sensory input kinda guy (spinning, swinging) so this is perfect. He's also lucky enough to have cousins, auntie, and daddy who will take him on rides. Cohen tried to talk is into the Gravitron 3000 (the one where you go in and get plastered against the wall while it just spins in circles) but he had no willing supervision to go with him. Ezra did well on the rides this year too! And of course loved the animals and the tractors.

Summertime at the Creek

There is this great little spot near our old house that is perfect. Shade for me, sand and rocks and water for the boys. And the weird thing is, no one is ever there! It's finally heating up around here and this pregnant lady doesn't tolerate it very well (a true pacific northwesterner here).

These boys are growing up so fast, I can't believe it! Both will start preschool in a couple weeks.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Happy Second Birthday, Stinky!

Today, Cohen came up from the basement with this little smile on his face. He told me he needed to tell me something and whispered in my ear "Today is Stinky's birthday!!" Stinky is Cohen's lovey that he has had since a few months old. He hasn't been as attached to Stinky lately but apparently he deserved a party today! After that he decided that Stinky needed to have a cake with frosting and that it needed to be a surprise. I'm not sure how we came to the conclusion that it was Stinky's second birthday, but that's what he decided. 

 We had to take a trip out, so we decided to go with it and swing by the store and get Stinky a cake. We let Cohen take the lead and pick out what he thought Stinky wanted. We were going to make a cake but it was getting close to bedtime and we decided it would be faster to buy something. Cohen picked out a german chocolate cake and some ice cream. When we got home, the boys put extra sprinkles and candles on the cake.

We also invited Gramma and Grampa over for Stinky's party and then brought him a blanket and hat for his birthday. We lit the candles and sang "Happy Birthday". The whole thing was pretty darn cute and Cohen was thrilled and had a big smile on his face. I'd say it was worth it to throw Stinky a party, they've been through a lot together!