Friday, April 15, 2016

Baby Kimmel #4 - 14 Weeks

It's true! Baby Kimmel #4 is coming in October! I am currently 14 weeks along. I had my first ultrasound around 10 weeks and all looked good and I get to be a normal person! My pregnancy with Ezra was treated as high risk and I had an ultrasound every 2 weeks. This time I'm on a regular schedule with regular appointments! I had to ask my OB what they actually do at a "normal" appointment and she laughed, but I really have no idea!

The first trimester went fairly smoothly, I did have some morning sickness and only wanted to eat bread type foods. I couldn't stand any kind of brown meat. It has since gotten a little better but I'm still mostly only wanting bland foods. I couldn't believe how tired I have been. Apparently I'm not 25 anymore.

We are considering not finding out the gender of baby until it's born! We thought it might be a fun surprise for our last baby. The chances of it being a boy are good. The boys are excited and love to hear the baby's heartbeat. Cohen keeps telling me that the baby has to stay in for 9 months, let's hope, kid! We will have our next ultrasound around 18 weeks to do the anatomy ultrasound. Praying for boring and normal!

Movin' On Up!

Around 3 weeks ago, we decided it would be a good time to sell our house. Que whirlwind of activity. In this same 3 weeks, we rehomed our dog, painted the inside of our house, said goodbye to our kitty after he broke his leg badly, got 3 new goldfish, accepted an offer on our house and put an offer on another house!

Crazy. And slightly stressful. I am, however, so thankful that we got an offer the day we listed our house. And I only had to keep it super showing ready for 2 days. I don't know if you know my boys, but its basically impossible.

We are super excited for this new chapter in our lives. And...if you can't read the boys' shirts, they are getting a new baby brother or sister!