Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Meet Carter

I have gone back and forth about putting Carter's pictures up. I have gladly showed them to friends and family who ask to see them in person. Something about putting his pictures out for the world to see seems so...vulnerable. This is literally a piece of my heart and I feel very protective of him, even if he's not here. Part of me wants to hide his pictures in a little box in the corner so that I can feel like I am keeping him safe. The other part wants to show him off, especially to the people who have been such a huge support to us these past months. He was a perfect little boy and I see so much of Carter in Cohen, and Cohen in Carter. So, here he is. I know that you will be respectful and loving to my baby boy. (Don't forget to turn on your volume)


  1. Hi Jana & Family -

    You have been in our thoughts and prayers from the beginning, and I am blessed that you have been open with sharing your family's journey. I have cried with numerous blog entries and look forward to the day when I can see your family at church! I don't have the words to say or the encouragement necessary to make things better; sad to not know Mr. Carter, but am trusting in God's sovereignty and look forward to meeting him in heaven. Blessings to Cohen and mom and dad!

  2. Jana,
    Thank-You so much for sharing. Carter is so beautiful and amazing just like his brother.

    Angie Brooks

  3. I would be lying if I said I haven't cried while reading some of your updates. There have been happy tears for you and there have been sad tears for you. I don't have any idea of the pain you have felt from the loss of Carter. I don't know the joy that you have felt holding Cohen in your arms. All I know is that I pray for you guys and your boys and trust that He is holding all of you in His arms as you have held your beautiful baby boys. Thank you for sharing this piece of your heart with us.


  4. Carter and Cohen were born on Malachi's one month birthday. The day we heard the news I held my baby for a long time and wouldn't put him down. Carter's story has taught me to appreciate every moment, good and bad, with my little boy. Danny and Jana, your journey has taught me so much about trust and the unfailing love of our Father.

    Thank you for being vulnerable.

  5. Thank you for sharing...I am happy to have the image of Carter's sweet little face now as I remember him.

    A beautiful boy!

    It has been a privilege to pray for your sweet boys, and for you...You have walked this road in a way that honors God, and I am so proud of you all and your family!

    Much love,
    Leslie H.

  6. You did such a good job Jana! He looks like a perfect little baby. We are so thankful to know you guys!

  7. Thank you for sharing your beautiful little Carter with us Jana. Such a perfect baby boy. I love the song that you have chosen and I hope your faith brings you peace at this difficult time xo

  8. Jana thank you for sharing Carter with us!! What a gift from God!! I am so glad to hear that you will be making a book of your blogs and hope one day you feel called to share your story with others on a larger scale. Your story of love and loss and the faith that you both kept through out will be a blessing to many someday and I am sure bring others to know Jesus as you do!!

    Love you
    Lora Bowden

  9. I absolutely feel so privileged to see this. So incredibly beautiful!

  10. I recently found your blog (from Jack's) and am so touched by the video. I look forward to reading more of your blog and your updates on Cohen (I have a former 24 weeker)

    Thank you for sharing Carter with us.

  11. Jana and Danny -
    Thank you SO much for sharing this video. I must say I've watched it several times. Such a precious little boy who is now watching over your family. I read frequently (ok, ok...sometimes I look for updates twice a day!) and love to hear about how Cohen is doing and what the Kimmel family is up to. A whole new year is upon us and I'm praying for you guys to have the best year possible!


  12. Janala and Danny,

    Thank you for sharing pictures of your sweet boys and your family's story. I too have cried with your blog and prayed and read. Your words and your story have been a blessing. I have another couple who are dear friends who just lost their baby girl at 21 weeks. Your blog on What to Say and What not to Say has been very helpful to me and other friends.

    Again...I just love you guys, and rejoice in the gifts of your sweet baby boys.

  13. As others have said, thank you so much for sharing Carter with us. I feel like I know your boys through your amazing gift of writing. I have confidence that your family has touched so many lives including my own. You all inspire me to re-focus on my relationship with God and to truly rejoice in the little things. ~Katie

  14. Happy almost 1st "Heaven Day" to a beautiful little boy.

  15. I watched this and didn't think I would cry, but I feel so connected to you that I'm bawling my eyes out. <3 Carter and Andrew are taking care of us though...and they're watching out for their brothers and always will.