Wednesday, December 14, 2011

On Hold

All of the stockings, blankets, and hats have been delivered! Now that our Stuff the Stockings project has come to an end, I'm tired. Okay I've actually been tired since June, but I'm ready to rest. I am behind on many, many things. I haven't finished sending out birth announcements or thank you cards for my showers. If you haven't gotten your announcement or a thank you card, it is coming. I just ran out of envelopes and steam. They are coming, I promise. I am also behind on birthday presents for both of my sisters whose birthdays were at the beginning of December. I want and need to do these things, I am just putting them on hold for awhile. Don't worry, I probably won't put the blog on hold because this is my brain and how I remember things.

I'm putting them on hold so that I can rock my baby while he still wants me to. And play card games with my husband. We used to play board games and card games all the time.

I hate having things hanging over my head so someday they will get done, just be patient with me. And also, while I'm at it, I'm sorry if you have written/texted/facebooked me and I haven't responded. I really do read them all and appreciate them. When I read them I often think about what I would say in response and then I think I count that as actually responding. Thank you all for being so kind and understanding. For now, I am putting things on hold so that I can spend some quiet time with my family and try and rest.


  1. I thought I already got a present. It's spelled C-O-H-E-N! Love you Jana!
    <3 Christine

  2. That is SUCH a great picture! He always makes me smile