Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Cohen, Christmas Songs, & Crafts

During Cohen's naptime today I made this "C" for his room. I really like how it turned out. Now all I need is the shelf to put it on. Or maybe I will get the rest of the letters to his name and spell it out above his crib. We'll see.

I have to be honest, I start listening to Christmas music early. Like at the beginning of November. This year, there have been a few songs that I have heard before, but I never really heard. There are songs that I relate to more or listen a little harder to now that we have a baby and also now that we have lost a baby. The song "Joseph's Lullaby" get's me every time. I think about Jesus as a baby and I wonder what he knew. If he knew what was coming or if God spared him and just let him be a baby. There is one line that says "You have a long road before You, Rest Your little head...Lord, I ask that He for just this moment, Simply be my child" and there were so many times in the NICU holding Cohen that I just wanted him to get to be a baby. Not a tiny baby, born too soon, fighting more things than most of us will in our entire lives. I just wanted to protect him and let him just be. I think that's how God must have felt watching his baby boy coming to earth, knowing what was in store for him. And maybe Mary too, I wonder how much she knew of what would happen to her son. Something that has stood out to me in our journey is that God knows. He knows what it's like to lose a son, his baby boy. He watched his son die and he knows that pain. He gets it, and that has been a huge comfort to me.

And lastly, an episode of Cohen. He is quite social and has been "talking" quite a bit. He loves to play with Dad when he gets home.


  1. I say MORE Cohen episodes! Love them!!!

  2. I agree, Cohen needs more air time! :) What a doll!