Thursday, December 1, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy...

Ok, we have been busy this week but I have a lot of work to do for our "Stuff the Stockings" project. Namely the stockings and baby blankets. So, if I am gone for a few days don't worry, I'll be back.

In the meantime, is anyone still out there? We did a little "Who are you" post awhile ago and it was really fun for me to see who was reading.


  1. Love reading your honesty and seeing pictures :)

  2. I'm still here! I generally come to see pictures, but always stay for your words!

  3. I am still here, where would I go? I love seeing pictures of my grandson, although I would like one of ME with him! (Maybe Karen can "shoot" us) I love to read your thoughts that you express so beautifully. Looking forward to my morning with Master Cohen tomorrow!!
    Love, Mom

  4. I love reading about Cohen and seeing how he is growing. I love reading about Carter and the amount of love that you have for both of your boys. Thank-You for being so honest and open with everyone.

    Angie Brooks

  5. I'm here! :0) You could tell me how much Cohen pooped that day and I would be so proud! So, I'm not sure I am a good source for what you should write about.
    Love you tons!

  6. Hi Kimmel family!
    The Neffs are here :) I've also connected my mom with your blog. We have all been so touched with all you have shared on the blog. Congratulations to you all for all of the milestones you have reached. I can't believe how big Cohen is now...a growing handsome boy! You are so wise. Thank you for sharing both of your sons with us all.