Thursday, October 17, 2013

Cohen 2+ Years: Favorite Words and Phrases

Cohen talks all the time. He's a little quieter in unfamiliar places, but at home he is quite the chatterbox. He is always surprising me with the words he knows that I haven't heard him say before. Here are some of my favorite things that he says:

Need help!

Mommy sweeping (sleeping)...(whispers) quiet!

Big burp.

Kinda dark. See moon.

Play buttons.

Little house, so cute!

Hold Mommy, hold Daddy (when he wants to be held)

Smells good (when tickle his neck, I think he means feels good)

Daddy home soon.

Go Gamma's house play.

Ashwa cwying (Ezra crying)

Good job

Mommy go woom again (Mommy go room again, when he wants us to come play in his room)

Ready, set, go!

And here's a few videos of the little man in action.

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  1. I love these videos. So neat to see him talking. Time sure flies! I still remember him being so small and now look at him! I see some expressions of Danny in there somewhere too!