Saturday, October 19, 2013

Monkeys and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

At the beginning of the year, we heard about a program through another state where we could get a cheap zoo membership (to a zoo in Kansas actually), but my purchasing that membership, it allowed us to get into our zoo for free! Yeah, I'm not sure how it works anyway, but we decided to go for it. We have been twice and it has already paid for itself so we are pretty happy.

We took Cohen to the zoo once earlier this summer but wanted to take him again before the weather gets too cold. He loves animals so we were pretty excited. We asked him last night if he wanted to go to the zoo and he immediately went to get his bag so he could go. I'm not entirely sure he understood what the zoo was, but knew he wanted to go!

He stayed awake the whole 2 hour drive. We got off on our favorite exit, the one to our NICU, and went to get sandwiches from a little place we found in our 4 months in Seattle. They are the best and every time we go anywhere near there I beg Danny to stop. So we stopped for sandwiches, Ezra woke up and started screaming which caused Cohen to start screaming because he hates the noise. Those sandwiches were still totally worth it.

We met up with our friends Bridget and Elliott and we were off to see the animals! The sun was supposed to come out and make it a 60* day, but there was only fog and it was cold. We made the rounds as best we could, changed 3 diapers, wiped countless sniffly noses, and stopped for a snack. Although we missed the elephants, bears, and a few other things, we did get to see lots of animals and Cohen had fun! He passed out when we got back in the car, although he only slept for about half the drive home. Then home for a bath and early bed!

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