Sunday, October 7, 2012

Hiking & The Beach

Last week Danny and I had our first non-weekend day off together for awhile. And since we've been enjoying some unusually warm and sunny fall weather, we decided to go hiking. I forgot my camera so these are all off my phone.

We decided to go hike the Oyster Dome. We had done it once in our younger days so we figured we could do it again. It proved to be a little more steep than I remember and I am quite out of shape. We had packed a lunch and planned to eat it at the top.

However, we got to the halfway point and decided to turn around and go back down. Danny told me I would be quite miserable the last mile and I think he was probably right. Cohen enjoyed a little power nap on the way down.

{View from the halfway point}

Since our hike didn't take quite as long as planned and it was such a nice fall day, we stopped by the beach to eat our lunch. It was a perfect day.

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  1. You live in such a beautiful area!! Wow! What a gorgeous hike! :)