Saturday, October 13, 2012

Capture Your Grief: Day 12- Scents and Day 13 - Signs

Day 12. Scents Do you have a scent that you relate to your baby/ies/child/ren? Is it a candle scent, perfume, food or maybe a flower? Share it with us!

These are the two scents that remind me of my pregnancy. The lotion is some I got when I was first pregnant. I used it every day while I was at home during my pregnancy.

The body wash is one that my mom brought me while I was in the hospital. I begged her to go find me something other than those little hospital bars of soap. I used it while I was in the hospital and while Cohen was in the NICU, it reminds me of being pregnant.

 Day 13. Signs If you believe in signs from your child/ren, share with us an experience you have had.

Last year at all of our family holidays, we let a balloon go for Carter. Each time we let one go, no matter where we were, they would always fly towards our house. Balloons have always been our "signs" for Carter. One day I stopped by the cemetery and I was cleaning up Carter's grave and I picked up a deflated balloon off the ground to drop off in the garbage on my way out. I put the balloon in the car and as I started to drive, it floated up to the ceiling. It stayed up the whole time I was driving, I didn't stop to throw it out. Instead, I took it all the way home with me, enjoying my time thinking of Carter. When I got home, it was still floating around so I let it go and it floated right away. It was like Carter had just stopped to say "hi" and to let me know he was okay.