Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Day 3: After Loss Self Portrait

Day 3. After Loss Self Portrait Share a photo of you after your loss. Same as yesterday if you would prefer to you can share a drawing/skecth or painting you have done!

It was hard for me to pick a picture for this. How much grief did I want to share? How much of my pain did I want to let others see? I settled for this one. This was taken about a week or so after the boys were born. I don't know who took it or why, but this is how I spent a lot of time those first few weeks when I wasn't with Cohen in the NICU. In my bed at "the home" (our hotel), hugging my empty arms bear, with my cell phone close by in case the NICU called.

I know there are a few others out there who are doing this project. I would love to see others pictures as well so feel free to let me know if you are doing the Capture Your Grief photo series. <3


  1. thank you for sharing; what a humbling glimpse at your life at that time.

  2. Oh Jana.....i remember these moments, only i have no pictures of them. Thank you for sharing yours <3