Thursday, October 4, 2012

Day 4: Treasured Item

Day 4. Most Treasured Item Something that relates to your baby/ies/child/ren. Maybe it is their hand and foot prints or a photograph. Whatever it is we would love to see it.

I kind of consider all my things of Carter's as my most treasured items. There are so few and they are all so important to me.

If I had to pick one thing that was the most important, I would say it is this little box. It was given to me in the hospital, and it's not so much the box, it's what's inside. Also, see that sticker on the outside? It's the only ID sticker that says "Baby Boy B". We have pages and pages of documents with "Baby Boy A" on them from Cohen's NICU stay, but this is the only one we have of Carter's.

This little box has Carter's handprints, footprints, the tape measure they used to measure my little boy, the ID bracelets he never wore, the pictures the hospital took, the little hat and blanket that he wore, and a tiny gown that he wore.


  1. <3 Beautiful. I didn't get anything really nice to store Andrew's things in, but I understand the attachment to the sticker that says Baby Boy B on it. We kept our hospital bracelets that had "Elliott, Baby Boy Twin B" on it. We each had one and it took us a week after he passed away to take them off. :( Interesting that both Andrew and Carter were Twin they're playing together now with Samuel, too. :)