Monday, October 22, 2012

An All Over Monday Update

Thanks for sharing your tips on the "I need sleep" post and on the "Appointments" post. Sometimes being a mom is so hard and it's nice to feel supported.

Alright, time for a little life update. It feels like we've been so busy!

 Cohen had his last day in the church nursery on Sunday for quite some time. Hopefully we will be able to beg someone to come and stay at home with him once in awhile so we can still get in to church. We tried sitting in the back of church with him and he is just way too busy and too loud.

We are setting up a time to get our family pictures taken and we are really excited.

Cohen is still active and busy as ever. He's transitioning from two naps to one (and back and forth again). He hasn't been sleeping that well at night, but I think he is just sensitive to changes in his routine and likes to know that we are still here. Sometimes a baby just needs his mom and dad, and I'm okay with it (although tired). I think he is really close to walking. He is taking steps between us and will even let go of the couch to take a few steps to one of us. He walks around with anything that he can push...chairs, tonka trucks, tupperwares, his little walker toy. He has this little game where he will pull up to stand on one of us then get one of our hands to hold onto and then put his arm out and reach for our other hand so we can walk him around the house. Again and again. Our quest to teach him baby sign language still hasn't gotten anywhere, he just doesn't seem interested. He still LOVES to eat and generally eats anything in sight. We are so thankful for this as we know there was a huge potential to develop oral aversions because he was intubated for so long and just had a lot of negative experiences with his mouth when he was so little.

 {Out for a fall walk. Love the changing seasons and this boy!}

 We've still been working on diapers. My mom just finished her first hospital donation that she did all by herself! We are having a little diaper get together soon as we now have over 600 diapers to make. We also dropped off over 100 diapers to UW when we went down for Cohen's appointment. We were able to donate these diapers in memory of a baby boy who was born and passed away there recently. His mom received a diaper for him while she was at UW and she found her way to the Teeny Tears group and is now involved in making them herself. It gives me chills.

{We got to meet up with Eli and his mom for a quick playdate}

 Somewhere in there, I made this little quilt for our friends who are having their first baby soon. I think it turned out pretty cute. I made sure to leave a few mistakes in it, like the Amish do, so that she would remember that nobody's perfect.

Other than that, it's the same ole, same ole. Mr. Stinkers still stinks, our house is still messy, Cohen is still incredibly active. Just how we like it. And when I get back into doing Fess Up Fridays, I have a lot of things to confess. And lastly, here is a video of the young master practicing his walking (and eating leftover breakfast off the floor). Happy Monday!


  1. That quilt is beautiful!! And I can never get over how cute Cohen is. Sending big hugs!

  2. Wow! He does so great with the walk-behind toy! His steering is excellent!

    What a boy!

  3. Jimmy (the one in Afghanistan)October 23, 2012 at 1:17 PM

    Floor food is the absolute best kind of food.