Wednesday, May 23, 2012

This & That

We've had a busy week so far....

Yesterday we went down to Seattle and saw Cohen's pulmonologist. And he set us free! He said that Cohen is doing really well and that we can now just be followed by his regular pediatrician. Cohen's lungs still aren't normal or completely healthy. His chest xray still looks like he has some kind of awful sickness, but that's his normal. Dr W told us that by the time he turns 2, he hopes to see a much improved chest xray but he also wouldn't be that surprised if it didn't look completely normal. Cohen is still at higher than normal risk to develop asthma or breathing troubles, but so far he hasn't had any. He also has never been sick since he's been home, which is quite amazing!

{picture from Karen}

He has also sort of been released from his cardiologist. The last cardiologist we saw wanted us to follow up again in 6 months, but each time they do an echo and EKG they look the same. We have seen a different Dr each time and I think none of them want to be the one to officially release him. When I confessed to Dr W that I hadn't scheduled another echo for Cohen, he thought that it was fine and that Cohen didn't need it. While the wall of his heart is slightly enlarged, it has looked the same since Cohen was in the NICU and isn't causing him any problems. So I don't feel too bad about it.

{picture from Karen}

Our friends had their first baby and we also got to meet little Elliott. Elliott is a preemie by 3 days :) He is almost 2 weeks old and adorable. When I picked him up he felt so light. He is 6 pounds and some oz and he seemed so tiny! It was hard for me to believe that we once had a baby even smaller than that. Elliott was a little anxious to come into the world and play but we are so glad he decided to stay put as long as he did!

{Isn't he so sweet? I wanted to put him in my pocket}

{Seriously, such a cute little face}

If you are a sewer and need a project, let me know! Teeny Tears has a list of hospitals and organizations waiting for diapers and we would love to diaper as many little bums as possible and bring a little bit of comfort to families who have lost babies. Email me or visit the blog if you need details!

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  1. I am so glad to hear that Cohen is doing well:) He looks adorable in that hat! to cute! Elliot is a sweetie also. I am going to ask my mother-in -law to start sewing with me since we are finishing school on Friday.