Monday, May 7, 2012

March for Babies

Warning: Picture Overload Ahead!

Saturday morning Cohen woke us up bright and early. I wasn't sure how he would do not in his own crib, but he did fine. Gramma fed him a bottle while Danny and I tried to wake up a little more.

 {Ready to party}

We got up and got dressed in our awesome Team Cohen & Carter shirts. After gathering the crew, we walked over to the Seattle Center to register for the walk. We got all registered, and got in line for our pancake breakfast. The kids played in the bouncy house while we gathered the rest of our team. When everyone was there we got a quick team picture.  

{Our team}

 {The cousins}
   It was our little NICU buddy's birthday so we brought him a balloon and party hat. We also had a Cinco de Mayo balloon for my mom as it was her birthday too! And, we had balloons for Carter. They also had a booth set up to make a memorial butterfly for babies that had passed away. 

 {Carter Garen - we love you!}

We also met up with a few of our UW friends and took some pictures. It's always so good to see them and they will always be a big part of our lives.We will probably still make Cohen go visit the NICU even when he is 18. I had sent my friend Ciera a picture of our team shirts which she told me were pretty much the same color as hers. We didn't discuss the boys' t-shirts but when we got to the march, we saw that the boys also had exactly the same color shirts. It was pretty funny, especially since they were a different color than the grown ups shirts.

{Our UW Family - Emily, Christy, Eli, Ciera, Cohen and I}

{Cohen and his NICU nurse Christy}

 {NICU Roomies, I hope these two are going to be buddies for a long, long time}

{Hey! Just cause it's your birthday, doesn't mean you can take my stuff!}

Then we were ready to go! They had a marching band to start out the walk. We tried to wait a little to let them get ahead of us for Cohen's sake (not sure a marching bad at an event full of preemies was the best idea :) Then we were off! It was hard to keep our group together so we split off into two groups for most of the walk.

The walk was 3 miles and all the kids did great. Cohen took a nap for most of it and woke up for probably the last mile. The weather on Friday was very rainy and we were hoping that it would clear up for the walk. It was still pretty cold in the morning, but as we ended the walk the sun came out. They had little water and Dum-Dum sucker stations along the way, which the kids (and adults) enjoyed. We got to spend some time catching up with some of our favorite people from UW. 

 {Michelle taking a turn pushing Cohen. He is in there...under the puppy}

After the walk we stayed for a hot dog lunch. The kids did a little more playing and we took some more pictures. I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but there was lots for the kids and grownups to do.We let Carter's balloons go and did a little more visiting.  We had to check out of our hotel by noon so we headed back to pack up and feed Cohen some lunch.
{Testing out their pitching skills}

{Auntie Danielle}

 {Auntie Tamara}

{Carter's balloons}

Cohen was a very good boy the whole time. He slept wonderfully in his pack n play, didn't fuss one bit even though he was in his carseat or stroller for most of the day.

{Tired boy}

{Somebody get me out of here!}


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  1. I love the wonderful pictures! I have to say I am actually crying to think you sweet boys will not be together until Heaven, you are a strong wonderful mommy! I hope to see you on the link up tomorrow.