Tuesday, May 29, 2012

By Popular Request

We get asked all the time whether Cohen looks like me or Danny. Some people will swear he looks just like me and others will swear he looks just like Danny. So, who knows. The Rineharts have some pretty strong genes, but so do the Kimmels. So, I'll let you be the judge.


 {Isn't he so cute?}


{Check out that hair...on the back of this picture my mom had written "We did get her a haircut last week" I can only hope Cohen's is as fabulous}

Jana's Nephew?

Who do you think he looks like?


  1. I think Cohen has your (and Jordan's) face and definitely Danny's ears!

  2. Love Love Love this post! so very sweet. My first thought was Danny going by the top picture. Honestly I have never been good at this LOL. I love it though, You were so cute :)