Monday, May 21, 2012

All Boy

Over the weekend, we went over to my mom's house. She had rhubarb from her garden she was wanting to use so we made some strawberry rhubarb pies. YUM!

My dad had just bought a new (to him) tractor and was driving it home so Cohen got to be one of the firsts to test it out. He grabbed right on to the steering wheel and was ready to drive.

I can't believe how fast our little boy is growing up. It seems like every morning I get him out of bed and he is more grown up. He is constantly pulling up on everything and is even starting to cruise the furniture. And of course along with that, he is doing a lot of falling. He gets a little too brave sometimes and likes to let go of whatever he was holding on to.

 My little baby isn't much of a little baby anymore. It's so fun to see him learning so many things. I love watching him try to make his chubby little fingers pick up cheerios and get them to his mouth. His brain is always going, always looking for something new to try. It's a fun age, but I want him to stop growing so fast!

We are off to Seattle to see Cohen's pulmonologist tomorrow. We wanted to take him to the zoo but it is supposed to rain, so we will have to try again another day. But, we DO get to meet Cohen's new friend Elliott and we are very excited!

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  1. I always get sad around the one year birthday because I want to freeze time and keep them little. Now I know that every age is special but I still miss when my big boys would cuddle in my lap. It is so good to cherish these moment because they do go much to quickly. Your dad looks so happy to be with your little man in his lap:)