Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Enjoying the SUN!

It has been sunny around here the last few days and we have been LOVING it. Last week, we went to Whatcom Falls Park and walked around. Cohen got to try out his new-to-him Ergo and he rather enjoyed it. Here are some pictures from the last week-ish.

{Whatcom Falls Park}

{Both of our faces make me laugh...}

Saturday Cohen got his pictures taken for his first birthday! This was something that I have really been wanting to do as we didn't get any newborn pictures or anything. He hammed it up for the camera and gave her his whole range of expressions.

As you know, Cohen loves to eat so we've been having fun giving him lots of new foods. I am excited for summer when he can have fresh fruits and vegetables. We had a barbecue and gave Cohen some asparagus to chew on...and he ate it!

 Also, Cohen is saying "mama" and "baby"...his OT even heard him today!

{Tub Time!}

Mother's Day was okay...pictures coming soon.

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  1. It is soooo pretty where you live. I just sighed up for teeny tears donation. I want to make a donation to our hospital. Did you say you have made them, are they difficult? No matter what I am going to do a blog post about them because I think it is a wonderful idea! I really wish I would of had one for Jonathan. Oh my goodness that tub shot is adorable!