Friday, May 11, 2012

A Letter to My Shoes

in the spirit of Fess Up Friday, I have a confession. I wrote a letter to my shoes: 

I have had to face a hard reality over the past few weeks.

It all started when I went into work one day. I changed into my scrubs and went to find my Danskos. I looked all over the place for them but they were nowhere. Luckily, I had another pair of comfortable shoes in the locker room so I put those on and went on my way. Throughout the day I discreetly openly stared at everyone's feet hoping to catch a glimpse of my shoes. Maybe someone put them on accidentally? Or forgot their shoes so they were just borrowing mine? I would be okay with either of those, as long as I got them back.

After a few weeks of stalking black Danskos around the building looking for a pair with a scuff on the left inside toe, I gave up. I had a few false sightings, but my lovely shoes are gone. The earth has swallowed up my shoes.

Today, I would like to say goodbye to my Danskos. Tons of nurses wear these shoes. They are kind of like a rite of passage in nursing. I got my first (and only) pair when I graduated from nursing school. They made me feel like a real nurse.

And so, to my danskos, I will miss you. I will miss your scuff and the way you were molded to my feet. I'm sorry for the time that patient leaned over the side of the stretcher and barfed on you. Thank you for staying up late with me all those long nights on call. I'm sorry for those days in the summer when  I forgot to wear socks to work. Thank you for protecting my toes from things I dropped on you or things I kicked and earning your scuffs. I'm sorry for abandoning you for 6 months and leaving you all alone in the locker room at work. Thank you for getting me through 4 years of nursing. I will be here waiting for you in case you decide to come home. And if you have my shoes, please give them back, my feet miss them. Thanks :)


  1. LOL that is just what I need a good laugh :) Bummer for you to lose them, I am notorious for losing things. Well I am glad you blog about it because it made me smile, I hope they turn up!

  2. Check Goodwill. I would bet money that TR dumped them off there when she felt that cleaning out the staff locker room was her #1 priority. Perhaps it's in the same bin as my lunch bag.