Monday, May 14, 2012

Opposite Summer 2012

As we get closer to summer, we have a lot of things we want to do. I was talking to my friend about how hard all the "one years" were going to be. She told me she was going to do the opposite of the things she was doing last year and I think I might try that too. Instead of bedrest, contractions, c-sections and NICUs, I am making a list of things we want to do and experience this summer. I'm not calling it a "bucket list" because, can probably figure that one out. So it's our Opposite Summer Extravaganza. We have been blessed with a curious, adventurous baby who is soon to be a year old. Danny and I both like to be outside doing things and after a long year and a long (LONG) winter inside, we are ready for summer. We are are ready to have a "normal" baby and do "normal" things with him. Here is our list so far. I'm sure it will get added onto.

* Go to Deception Pass
* Make homemade ice cream
* See Cohen walk
* Go tent camping
* Cohen's birthday party
* Whatcom Falls Park
* Visit Edaleen Dairy many, many times
* Keep making diapers
* Go to the zoo
* Go to the beach
* Take a road trip
* Get a tan (save me your lectures, I don't plan on being Ms. Hawaiian Tropic,
 I just would like to not be day-glo pale)
* Go Hiking
* Roast marshmallows
* Meet Elliott Archer Dahl
* Pack a lunch and go on a picnic
* Go to the Fair
* Get/Build a firepit
* Make a stepping stone for the garden 
* Go strawberry picking
* Make freezer jam
* Swim in Gramma & Grampa's pool
* Take a road trip

I also need to make a summer reading list, any suggestions?

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  1. Sounds like it will be a wonderful Summer!I am so glad you have joy and excitement for this summer and next year. Thank you for all the love and encouragement, I read all the links and LOVED them! I hope to see you on the link up tomorrow! As far as reading well I LOVE to read but sadly have not done as much as I like lately. I just read in faithfulness he afflicted me by Lynette Kraft and Loved it! I am giving one away tomorrow :) I am trying to think of parenting books I have loved because I have read a TON. Most of the ones I read these day are for older kids. I love Shepherding your child heart and Don't make me count to three but Cohen is still a little young for those. Blue like Jazz and the color of water are two of my favorite books as well as ANYTHING by Brennan Manning. Thanks again for the encouragement today :)