Friday, May 25, 2012

Fess Up Friday

* I wore a pair of swim shorts as real shorts for two days

* I may be a bit diaper obsessed

* On a walk one day I was very thirsty and seriously considered drinking out of Cohen's sippy cup. The serious amount of floaties stopped me

* I am secretly not so secretly anymore, pleased that Cohen is saying "mama" first. He is SUCH a daddy's boy that I was sure he would say "dada" first

* I sing Justin Bieber to Cohen because he gets a huge smile on his face whenever he hears it. We also watched the Justin Bieber movie together.

* I wrote out a check and later realized that I was an entire week off on the date I had written

* I keep forgetting my own birthday is coming up very soon. It may have something to do with the above, or that I spent my birthday in the hospital last year. Or that I'm in denial about getting old(er). 

* Danny and I ate an entire pie in less than 24 hours. By ourselves.

* I sometimes choose Cohen's lunch by what he is wearing and how badly it is going to stain whatever he is wearing when the majority of it bypasses his bib and lands on his clothes.

* Call me crazy, but I like getting to take Cohen out to run errands. It's so nice to be able to put him in the car and have some cute company with me. 

{Cohen appreciates the fruit samples from the Green Barn}

 {We get this face a lot, we are still trying to figure out what it means}


  1. He is so fun...I love his expressions! I can relate to a LOT of these...the other day I sent an email to my mother about the crazy/forgetful things I'd done lately. A couple of minutes later my phone "dinged" indicating that I'd received an email. I opened was from me. I sent the email to myself, not my mother. I blame the kids...surely it's their fault and not that I'm just getting old right??? ;)

  2. So fun! Get a Baby Bjorn bib like this:
    It stops most of the food before it touches the clothes......most. :)

  3. LOL that face is Hilarious!!! What a silly boy, I think it means.... don't you think I'm funny? This is such a cute post I love the fess up Friday idea. I so need a smile and this brought one! The sippy cup comment cracks me up-- been there and came close to doing that:)

  4. The sound that goes along with that face makes it even better! He's so cute. I'm glad you were able to come visit this week!

  5. Cohen has the greatest expressions! love that kid!