Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mystery Solved (hopefully)

Since I last wrote a little update, the drs have decided that Cohen has a fungus and not a virus. Yuck, poor little guy. Again, it is something that is just in the air/environment/on skin and they will probably never know where he got it. So he is off his antivirals and has been on antifungals for the last few days. They sent his pictures over to Children's and they thought it looked like a fungus they had seen before in small babies. Because of his poor kidney function, they can't give the usual medicine but they are giving him another one that they said is generally just as effective. He is going to have a kidney ultrasound today to make sure that there is no fungus in his kidneys. We are still hoping that it hasn't spread anywhere other than his skin. The drs think that if it had spread anywhere else he would be a lot sicker but can't say 100%. We are still waiting for the results from his spinal fluid, blood, and lungs to see if there is growth anywhere else. 
Cohen has had a few pretty quiet days. He has had to go up a little on his ventilator settings, but today came back down a little. He was supposed to have another echo of his heart today to check on his pda but there are too many scheduled and since he is pretty stable he will have it tomorrow instead.
He was very well behaved while we were gone for the memorial and even sent us a few videos of him waving so we would know he was okay (which I watched over and over...probably about 70 times!)I took a few videos today because he has been really active today, waving his arms and legs, opening his eyes and pulling on his tubes. I would just turn off my camera and then he would do something else cute so I would take another picture or video. Poor guy probably wanted his mom to go away, but he wouldn't quit showing off! I can't get them to load with the slow internet here, so I will have to put them up later. Here are some pictures from today. I would have been 28 weeks pregnant today. It's amazing how well this little guy is doing when you consider that he should have been inside about another 12 weeks still!


  1. Thank God for the good news, that his fungus prob hasn't spread. I am so happy to see his face better in these picts. He is one very good looking baby boy. I am glad he is doing as well as he is too, since he wasn't due for another 3 months. Last time you talked about his eyes, you said one was still shut. Today you said he had his EYES opened, Does that mean they are BOTH opened now. He sounds active for such a small fry. I am praying for you all. I know how difficult today was for you both. Agape, Bonnie VanFossen

  2. I am just so in love with that little face!! Look at all that dark hair! And those long fingers, he is just so adorable, I can't wait til I can meet him in real life.