Wednesday, June 15, 2011

10 Days Old

Today was another pretty busy day for us. Cohen is still on his oscillating ventilator and they said he may be on it for a few more days, which is fine with them. No more bleeding from his lungs! They ended up doing the echo afterall, but we haven't heard the results yet, maybe by tomorrow morning. It may not turn out to be a very good picture since he is on his shaky ventilator. His electrolytes have been a little off so they are trying to keep up with those. When he was born they put an IV in his belly button, but that one has started to come loose and the skin around it is starting to break down. Today they were able to put in a PICC line on their first try! His was put in his foot and its kind of a glorified IV that can be left in for longer periods of time. It goes from his foot all the way up so that the tip is all the way up by his heart. After they put it in his little foot was bleeding for quite a while so they are going to try to check his platelets tonight. They had been low earlier in the week and then came up a little bit, so hopefully they aren't going back down again! Danny got to take his temperature and I got to change his diaper twice. The second time he peed all over while I was changing it. Little troublemaker :) And here are some pictures from today. His bilirubin was high again so he is back under his blue lights. I think he looks pretty cute with his little sunglasses on. He looks pretty scrawny but he has actually gained a little bit of weight! The last picture is of his little diapers, these are huge on him and go down past his knees!!
Its hard to see but this is his little diaper

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  1. Thank you Jana, for the up dates. I am glad he is back under the blue light. He is so cute. I am continuing to pray for him, and you too. Agape. Bonnie VanFossen