Saturday, June 18, 2011

Another Busy Day

Our little guy had another busy day which he handled well! He got a lumbar puncture to see if there is any virus in his spinal fluid. The Dr had said that they would wait a couple days to do this, but they thought he was stable enough to have it done today. He got some more testing but we haven't really seen any results of anything yet. They did say that some of the tests he had done earlier in the week for anything bacterial came back negative so his antibiotics have been turned off for now, which is good, his poor little kidneys don't need anything extra to try and handle. His blood gases have been good and they have actually turned down his ventilator settings. He is actually doing well considering his little body is trying to get rid of this virus. They are keeping him on the antivirals and he gets those every 12 hours. They normally would give them more often but are trying to make sure his kidneys can handle it. Its amazing to me when I think about how much his little body is having to try and work on all at once. Cohen is resting on his tummy and seems to like it, he tried that the other day and wasn't too fond of it but today he seems to be enjoying it. He is wiggling his little rump all around and almost wiggled his diaper right off. He sure is a little fighter. We are just continuing to pray that the rash clears up and that it is just on his skin and not in his blood!
We would also just like to say another HUGE thank you to everyone who has been praying, brought us food, and given financially. This is definitely not an easy situation but it is great to know that we are so cared for by those around us. I would love to be able to thank everyone individually (and maybe someday I will be able to!) but please know that we really appreciate everything that has been done for us.

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  1. Thanks for the up date Jana, It sounds like most good news. If all the tests have come back (so far) negitave. I am glad. I think it sounds so cute to have him wiggeling so much, he nearly lost his diaper. How fun for you to be there to see that. I of course wish he didn't have to be in hospital at all, but at least he is active for his age. Remember, I am praying for all of you. Agape, Bonnie VanFossen