Friday, June 10, 2011

A Big Day Planned!

Ok, so I was going to write this this morning but didn't quite get around to it. Cohen has/had a big day planned! First, he was weaned off of his oscillating ventilator and put back on the conventional ventilator. He has been on it for a few hours and seems to be doing ok. His blood gases were good but they were tweaking the settings a little bit. He gets a chest xray tonight to see how his lungs are doing. Hopefully he tolerates this well.
Second, he has been peeing lots so he is going to get his catheter out! He is off of his Dopamine and his Lasix and his still peeing so we are hoping his kidneys just needed a little jump start. Hopefully once his catheter is out he will continue to go.
Third, he got to eat!!! They are starting him on feedings of breast milk to see how he does. I can't remember how much they said he was getting, but it is a teeny tiny amount, like 2 mL I think.
He is done with his blue lights (for now at least) so we get to see his little tiny face. I think he looks pretty good today. He is still a little swollen from retaining his fluids when he wasn't peeing at first but they are hoping he will start to pee those off. The Drs said eventually he will starting peeing really large amounts as his body gets rid of the extra fluid and so they will have to work to keep all his electrolytes in balance. Sorry, lots of talk about pee....
I have been getting up and around a little better. I have been walking to the NICU instead of going in my wheelchair. My body has been in bed for the last month and then some, so I am using muscles I haven't seen in a long while. We tried to go out to dinner last night but that turned out to be a little too much. I am still pretty tired so I have to make sure that I plan in times to take naps and rest. Today has been mostly a rest day as we have had quite a few visitors in and out, we are taking a day off today. Its amazing how busy things can seem and how quickly the days can go.
We are so thankful to be able to stay at the hospital so we can be close by. Danny's "bed" however, is a chair that folds out flat that he sleeps on. I can't even explain it, its not a recliner, the pieces of the chair just come apart and fold flat. And his feet stick off the end by about a foot. So, we are looking into a few other options for places to stay. I think that's all for today, Cohen has a lot of changes going on and we are hoping he will do well with them. He has been having a lot of "ups" lately which we are so glad about, I imagine he has a few "downs" coming as well but we will keep hoping for the good!


  1. hello again i know you don't know me but I am prayin for your baby daily. it is so great of you to keep us up to date every day on cohen progress. it gives us something to praise God for while we pray for his health. so thankful you are getting around more and feeling better body wise. Praise Jesus for all these things He is doing for you all.

  2. Jana, thanks so much for the updates- we have been thinking about and praying for baby Cohen every day and it's great to be able to pray for specific health issues and to see God answering those prayers. Cohen is so lucky to have a mommy who is a nurse and can make sure he is getting the best care.

    "I am the Lord your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you." Isaiah 41: 13

    Levi, Leah & Kylie

  3. Jana, thanks for the up date. I am so glad Cohen is peeing with out the cath. I know it can seem strange to be thankful for something like that. But as a care giver, I know how important it is. Sounds like you've got some great news, with the blue lights and every thing else. I hope his lung x ray will show lots of inprovement. I am glad that he is taking breast milk too. I am praying for you all. Agape, Bon