Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day & 2 Weeks Old!

Cohen is 2 weeks old today! I can't believe it has been 2 weeks already. I probably said that last week too, but it's still true. Cohen had another good day today, he has been getting weaned on his ventilator settings. He has a new Dr for the next 2 weeks so I got to talk to her a little bit today. The drs are pretty baffled by Cohen's rash and how he got it. They said it just doesn't really fit anything that they normally think about in little babies. His secretions from his breathing tube got checked for the HSV virus and came back negative so that's good news! They are also checking him for chicken pox although they think its unlikely. He is still on his antiviral medications and seems to be handling them well. His dr said for as weird as his rash is he is still doing really well, so we are encouraged by that.
The Dr he has now is also the one who was there the night of the delivery and worked on Carter. I got to ask her a few questions about that night since I hadn't really had a chance before now. So that was a good/hard thing I guess.
And, of course, Happy Father's Day to my wonderful husband!! This isn't quite how we pictured his first Father's Day to be, but we are so thankful for our little baby. I honestly can't imagine going through this with anyone else other than Danny. He truly is my best friend and I couldn't imagine a better daddy for Cohen. I am so thankful for how hard he works and for everything he does and has done for me, especially in the last few months. I love you, Danny!! I got these little shirts for Carter & Cohen quite awhile ago because I thought they were so cute. Cohen may have a little growing to do before he gets to wear it.


  1. Happy Father's Day Danny! Sorry I didn't get to you sooner but I did think of you today earlier. I pray God continues to give you strength and wisdom in continued decisions for your son's new little fragile life. Praying he grows strong and becomes like his Daddy. Always give God praises for what you have and even in the trials He has for you, stay strong! God Bless you, all 3!

  2. Happy Father's Day, Danny. I'm so glad Cohen had another good day. I'm praying there will be many good days to follow. Maddy