Wednesday, June 1, 2011

All Done!

Amnioreduction is done! The Drs came in early this morning and did my ultrasound and then decided since they were both available that they would just do it right then. It wasn't as bad as I thought, the worst part was them putting the numbing medicine in my stomach and then they just use a little straw to get the fluid out....they took out 2.5 liters!!!!! Ugh, no wonder I have been so uncomfortable! I feel way better already and they said the babies were looking better afterward too. In usual fashion, the babies were jumping around and waving throughout the entire thing (they use an ultrasound so they know where they are going). Baby B was even trying to play with the little straw they were using to take the fluid out with. They put me on the fetal monitor for about an hour afterwards and they said the babies heartrates continued to look good. I also got my second steroid shot this morning. They want them in for at least 48 hours which would be 10:30 am tomorrow (hopefully longer!)
The plan for now is just to lay low and hope I don't go into labor, which is kind of the same plan as before. I have been taken off the Ibuprofen because it can cause the baby fluids to decrease and Baby A is already low so they don't want me to take it anymore. They will keep a close eye on me today, although they do expect me to possibly have more contractions just because they upset my uterus by poking it with a big needle. I didn't sleep very well last night so I'm hoping I may even get a nap in today! So, everything went well and as usual, we just keep praying for a quiet rest of the day!


  1. I am so very thankful for the good news. Let's keep those boys in the oven for a little longer please. I'm praying for the 4 of you. I can't inagine what you are going through, all the up's and down's. Agape, Bonnie VanFossen

  2. Hi Miss Jana!!
    I am glad to see that things are going well today. Hope you get some sleep.
    I am hoping to drop by on monday to say hi!

    Laurie Morelli

  3. So glad to hear things are going well! Get some rest :) Deanna TeVelde