Thursday, June 2, 2011

25 Weeks

Well, we did make it to 25 weeks although not quite the quiet day we were hoping for! They hooked me up to the monitors for my NST and Baby B wasn't having as much variability as they would have liked, meaning his heart rate was just staying pretty steady where they like to see them have little increases in their heart rates. He also had a few times where his heart rate actually went down so they were a little concerned. They hooked me up again in the afternoon and saw about the same thing, not much variability but some slow downs of Baby B's heart rate. So, I have earned myself overnight monitoring so that they can see if this just happened a few times or if this is a consistent thing. They are also worried about me gaining back all that fluid again which could be affecting Baby B's heart. I think they will do another ultrasound in the morning to check baby fluids and may also do a biophysical profile to check on the well being of the babies. I don't plan on getting very much sleep tonight since I will be on the monitors and they come in usually at least every hour to readjust and put the babies back on since they usually move around. Hopefully I can get at least a few little naps in though. And also, there are currently five sets of twins on the floor right now!!

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