Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Little Good News Update

Cohen had a good night last night! Danny has been going to rounds where all the Drs, nurses, pharmacist etc all gather to talk about Cohen's care. They are weaning him off of his oscillating ventilator and may try and switch him back over to the regular ventilator because his lungs are starting to look better! Praise #1!!! Cohen has also been working very hard on his peeing and is starting to make more urine! They are turning down his Dopamine (Medicine to keep his BP up to better perfuse his kidneys). He still should actually be making a little more than he is, but he is almost there! Praise #2!
Some of my family - Karen, Joel, Christine, and Chuck came to visit and meet baby Cohen last night. He was so excited to meet them that he decided to show off and poop for them! The nurses were very impressed and offered to let Danny change his diaper. He still has lots of tubes and wires that are a little overwhelming so he let the nurse change his diaper but he did get to take his temperature! We are very glad that Cohen got to meet some of his family (and a few friends) yesterday.

Preemies are at high risk for brain bleeds so Cohen had an ultrasound of his head. He did have evidence of some bleeding in both sides of his brain. The Dr said that if he was going to have any kind of bleeding this was the kind he would want to have. There are different stages of brain bleeds and he has the lowest level and the majority of kids show no problems at all with this kind. He will be checked again next week to see if he is still bleeding or if it was something that may have just happened and is now stopped. Please continue to pray hard that he is not continuing to bleed in his brain!
The nurses here are so great, they always keep us updated on everything going on. They also take pictures for us when they open up his incubator to do his cares and they keep them on a CD for us. Cohen likes to hold onto his breathing tube or whatever other wires he can find. He had a sticker on his little eye cover that he got his poor little fingers stuck on. The nurse had to come pry his fingers off. He is a busy little boy that likes to stretch his arms and legs.
Again, we really appreciate all the prayers!! Please continue to pray for his lungs and kidneys and also that his brain will not have any more bleeding. I will be getting discharged from the hospital today. The hospital will provide a room for us to stay in for one or two nights. It is based on priority and since we live so far away and have a sick baby they said it shouldn't be a problem getting us a room, but if someone else needs it more then we will have to find something else. So for now, some good news! We know things can change very quickly and that we have a very fragile little guy. But he seems to be putting up a good fight and we are so thankful for a little good news.


  1. I'm so excited to see this - I've been praying for you all and Cohen every day. We love you!

  2. If you can learn to change diapers in an isolette, you can do it anywhere! Glad to see some positive news- cling on before the next roller coaster hits!-Andrea

  3. I am so excited for you. It sounds like most of the news is good. He is such a beautiful boy, and God has something very special for him to do. Thank you for the photo's. It is fun to be able to see who I am praying for. I am keeping all 3 of you in my prayers. Agape. Bonnie VanFossen