Monday, May 2, 2011

The Update

We had our ultrasound and appointment with the perinatologist this morning at UW. She specializes in high risk obstetrics and preterm birth prevention. It was a little overwhelming and we are still processing but hopefully I can make it sort of make sense...

The Good:
My cervix hasn't changed! It is still open a little and shortened, but it hasn't changed since our appointment last week. Also, the amount of the fluid the babies have hasn't changed either! They said we are in the early stages of twin twin transfusion, Baby A has the upper level of fluid that is "acceptable" and Baby B has the lowest level of "acceptable". But since it hasn't changed since our last appointment that is a good thing also. And, I don't have to be on bedrest!!! YAY! While I dont have to be on bedrest, I do have to stay at home and rest. I am done working until after the babies are born, they don't want me on my feet very much but I am allowed to putter around the house.

The So-So:
While nothing has changed so far, it could change any time. We are going to be checked weekly. They are trying to decide if they want to see us at UW every week or if we can do one week at UW and one week in Bellingham so that we only have to go to Seattle every other week. My mom will be taking me to the next appointment on Monday so that Danny can still go to work. Since going to Seattle is going to be a regular thing we want him to keep working as much as he can so that he can hopefully get time off when the babies are born. I am still having contractions throughout the day which they aren't too worried about unless I am having 5-6 an hour. The Dr basically said the babies will be early, it just depends on how early. Needless to say, we want as late as possible! They also went over treatment options for if the babies fluid changes anymore. They either go in with a big needle and take some of the fluid out of Baby A's bubble, or there is a laser ablation where they go and zap some of the blood vessels that the babies share.

While there wasn't any terrible news (yay!), they did go through all the worst case scenarios with us which was pretty terrible. One of the things we were told to think about was if something changes quickly and the babies are born by 23-24 weeks we have to decide if we want them to try and keep the babies alive. When babies are born that early there is a low survival rate and a high chance of them having significant other problems. This is the point when I lost it, I don't like that is a decision any parent should ever have to make. We are hoping and praying that its something we don't ever have to decide, its awful enough to even have to think about making that decision. These babies seem to be fairly good at causing trouble, so we are hoping they are stubborn and will just keep on hanging in there until its time for them to come out! They don't to notice how much stress they are causing their parents, they are just in there bouncing around as usual. Baby A is still head down on my left, but Baby B is now feet down and thinks its fun to jump on my bladder.

So anyway, that was kind of lengthy. For now, its kind of a wait and see game. Thank you all for your prayers, emails, offers to help, and for stopping by to visit :) We really do appreciate it! Please continue to keep the babies in your prayers!


  1. I just have to say that UW is AWESOME and I'm thankful you are working with them! =) Hopefully none of the "worst case scenarios" ever come up in topic again....I agree, too hard to even THINK about!

  2. Best of luck- please let me know if there is anything I can do, even if it is just to chat with someone else who has been there and done that. Even just seeing my born at 28 weeks and now almost 13 year old "baby" is encouraging- or was to me when I was in your shoes.