Sunday, May 29, 2011

Danny Checking In

Hey everyone,
Its Danny here just checking in on Memorial day weekend.  We had planned to go camping this weekend, and in a way, I guess we kind of are camping here at the hospital.  Things have been kind of crazy for me lately.  I only sleep in Lynden two nights a week and the rest of the time I'm down with Jana at the UW.  It has been quiet on the baby front this weekend, which is good, but its pretty easy to be stressed out regardless.  Jana has been in her bed for about a week and a half now and is getting very sore and uncomfortable.  Its hard not to be able to help her or get her moving around, but I guess we gotta do what we gotta do.
I just want to say that we're very thankful for all the support and prayer that we've received from everyone and that we will continue to appreciate all that we receive in the future.  Be constantly praying for us as you know we will be constantly praying for our little ones as well.  Thanks again.

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  1. I am so glad that things with the boys are quiet. That is a gift from God. I can't enagine what it would be like to HAVE to stay in bed all the time. I know my hip hurts in the morning, unless I turn over many times.

    Thanks for the up date. I will keep all 4 of you in my prayers. Agape, Bonnie VanFossen