Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday Update

We went in to UW this morning for our weekly checkup and it was good news! Nothing has changed since last week! Hooray!!! The OB did a bedside ultrasound and my cervix is the same and the amount of fluids that the babies have are also the same! She said at this point she feels comfortable with us having our weekly checkup in Bellingham next week and then if anything has changed then we can go from there. But here's to hoping everything just stays how it is.
In 2 weeks we have an appointment at Children's in Seattle. Because Baby A had a funny nuchal translucency ultrasound (remember that way back when?) and now has a small calcium deposit on his heart, they are wanting to do an echocardiogram. This is an ultrasound looking specifically at the heart, just to make sure everything looks okay. If they see anything on Baby A then they will also do one on Baby B as well. They will also check the fluid amounts and the growth of the babies at that appt.
It was a long day, but it was so great not to get any more bad news! I even got to ask my boring questions that I always forget to ask because I am too caught up in whatever stressful thing they are telling me for the week.  We are just so thankful that for the time being everything seems to be behaving. So, I just keep on resting at home and feeding the babies and see what happens next week. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. Keep them up, they're working!!

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  1. Jana- I went to high school with your sister and saw the link to your blog that she put on facebook. I also have twin boys- they are 2 1/2 yrs old. I had a few "scary" ultrasounds with my boys, and I left the doctor's office sobbing on a few occasions. They told me that one of my boys might have down syndrome, and the other could have cystic fibrosis. I was worriesd sick for a week, and then went to Swedish the next week and everything was most likely fine. I still worried for the rest of my pregnancy, but they are both perfectly healthy, and all of the worrying was for nothing. I will pray for the health of your babies , as well as peace of mind for you. Twins are truely amazing!