Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Little Troublemakers!

So this last week has been kind of eventful/stressful/relieving for us. Last week I went in for a nuchal translucency ultrasound where they look at the amount of fluid in the back of the babies necks. This is an indicator for risks related to genetic problems. I went by myself because I figured it would be a quick "everything's fine" appointment. I learned my lesson and I am never going to another appointment alone! One of the babies came back looking fine and the other one had what they consider a high measurement. The Dr told me it was probably nothing but that there was a 1/39 chance that Baby A had some kind of genetic problem or cardiac defect. I was kind of a wreck all week not knowing if something was wrong or what our next steps would be.

Our OB office referred us to a perinatologist at UW so today we got to spend the whole day in Seattle. First we met with a genetic counselor, then we had a redo of the ultrasound, and then we met with the specialist. Baby B is always very cooperative during ultrasounds and poses appropriately letting them get their measurements while Baby A is always fairly uncooperative either curled up, or moving around, or rolling over so they have to work a little harder. BUT the ultrasound they did today came back normal!! Yay! The Dr said she can't just "throw away" the other ultrasound but at this point we all agreed that the risks of further testing (doing a needle biopsy of the placenta) aren't worth the little potential information we could get. She said she is more concerned with "normal" risks for twin pregnancies like making sure the babies keep growing the same and that all twin pregnancies are at risk for structural defects. If they find something in a later ultrasound then we can get an amniocentesis later on if we feel that would be beneficial or if something comes up.

We are happy that for now our babies seem to be healthy and just wanted to cause a little trouble (not sure who they get that from!). Every time we have an ultrasound, which is quite frequently lately, they are always moving around. So, for now we just keep praying that they stay healthy and stay in there for a long time! We have another ultrasound next week to check on them before we leave for MAUI for a week. We are hoping maybe we will get a little sneak peek to see if we can tell if they are boys or girls, otherwise we have another ultrasound the week we get back and hopefully we can count on Baby B to keep cooperating and let us look, not holding out too much hope for Baby A behaving :)

And here is a little picture of the rascals....we haven't gotten a picture of both of them together since our very first ultrasound so it was fun to get one of both of them today!
Babies in their bunk beds!

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