Monday, March 28, 2011


We are back from vacation and it was SO nice to see the sun! Tiffany, one of our friends just graduated from UW (congrats Tiff!!) so we went on a little celebration trip with three other couples. We stayed in a villa at the Westin and it was really nice! There were BBQs there so the boys went to town and did the majority of our lunch and dinner cooking...ribs, cheeseburgers, kabobs and more! My Dr would be proud of how much I ate while we were gone. Danny took a picture of us on the plane and when I looked at it I realized that I now officially have a little belly that might be noticeable to other people.

 We spent our first few days sunbathing on the beach. The boys had a good time snorkeling and even saw a sea turtle! I mostly stayed on the beach or in the pool as I am not fond of sea creatures of any kind. I did try snorkeling once for a few minutes but then a fish got too close to me and I didn't go in again!

We spent one night on a sunset dinner cruise and another night at a luau that had really good food! We also got to be a part of a proposal, congratulations Steven and Bridget!! We got to hide out and watch the proposal and take pictures from our spots on the beach. We are so happy for you guys!
It was a great trip and hopefully in another 25 years or so we can go again :)

The proposal!

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