Thursday, March 31, 2011

16 weeks (and 200% boy!)

This week:
- The babies are the size of avocados, they weighed about 5 oz each at our appointment today
- I have already gained 12 pounds!
- My belly is definitely starting to grow!
- I can still wear some of my regular clothes but my pants don't button any more...sweatpants it is!
33 inch belly
Side view :)

I can't believe its already been 4 months! The last 2 especially have been quite busy between finding out about the twins, having our little scare and being sent to UW, and going on vacation and visiting the fine Maui Medical Center (I was having really, really bad pain. A few days rest and lots and lots of water seem to have cured me). We are so thankful that so far the babies are healthy and growing! AND we are super excited because for the first time since our very first drs appointment we don't have to go back for 4 more weeks! Yay! We like seeing our babies but it will be so nice to not have weekly appointments!

We are starting to think a little bit harder about baby names. I am not one of those people who has had baby names picked out since I was younger so we are going through lots of books and trying to make a little list. How will we ever choose!? My mom's friend suggested that we have a raffle and charge $5 to put a name in a bucket and then we will choose 2 names and those people are the winners and that's what we name the babies. We will see if we get that desperate!

And a few pictures! The ultrasound tech had to work REALLY hard to get this picture as they were both moving around constantly and its hard to get 2 babies in one picture! Baby B is on top looking down and Baby A is on the bottom looking up!

And a cute little hand waving :)

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