Friday, March 18, 2011

And the Answer is....

...BOYS! (Well, the Dr is 70% sure at least!) We had another ultrasound this week and they got a little peak and he says "outdoor plumbing" it is. This is what they thought they saw last week at our appointment too. I thought it would have been fun to have girls but I was pretty sure it would be boys since we are a pretty boy heavy family at least on my side. I have 3 brothers and one sister and our boys will make 5 boys and 1 girl for grandkids! My niece, the lone girl, really wanted girl cousins but I guess she will have to keep waiting :)
Ready to go! (yes that is Russell's tail...he was helping us pack!)
 Our bags are all packed and we are almost all ready for our trip to Maui! We are very excited to see the sun and have some time to relax with our friends. We plan on fully enjoying this trip since it will be our last one for the next...20 years?


  1. that means you can name them gis and garen!

    i like it.

    Garen pantheon kimmel

    Gis Change Kimmel.

  2. ah!! I love the onesies!!!!!!! Where did you find them?? SO CUTE!

    Are you keeping the names secret? TWO BOYS!!! MWAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA