Friday, March 4, 2011

12 Weeks!

I am almost officially done with my first trimester, which is pretty exciting. We got to see the babies again last week and they were still moving around so much, one baby punched the other one! Hopefully they dont run out of room in there! The most common question we get when people find out we are having twins is "Do twins run in your family?" And the answer is nope! No twins on either side. Fraternal twins are the ones that run in families, our twins are identical which just kind of happens. Since they are identical it will either be two boys or two girls! We are slowly starting to collect baby things, so the computer room may be filled with baby things sooner than later. We are really excited for our trip to Maui in a few weeks to hopefully get some rest and relaxation as its been a busy couple of months! We have an appointment before we leave to check on the babies and then another one for the week after we get back to hopefully find out if they are boys or girls!!!!!

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  1. I was very relieved today to hear that everything is looking "normal" and the little rascals are ok! I am REALLY hoping they are on their best behavior for the next ultrasound so we can get a sneak peak!