Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Little News!

The Drs came by yesterday and measured the babies amounts of fluids. They said it looks like Baby B still has a little more but that now they think they have almost the same amounts of fluid as each other! Go figure :) So we get to keep taking Ibuprofen for now! Contractions have been pretty calm the last few days so we are just praying for that to continue! It is getting harder for me to get comfortable and my back and ribs have been pretty sore so the nurse brought me a heating pad and an egg carton mattress thing for on top of my regular mattress. I slept better last night and it seems to be a little more comfortable.
My friend Kim came to visit us yesterday and brought me pajama pants that fit! Yay! We have some family coming to visit us today as well. There isn't too much to do around here but it sure makes the time go faster when I get to  have visitors!
Ohhhh the Drs just came in (are always residents and such floating around here) and said that they are going to do a cervical check today as well as what is a called an FFN test. They use it for women who have preterm labor symptoms. I haven't heard of it before, but it checks for proteins that the babies make in the cervix. If its positive it may or may not mean anything BUT if its negative then that is really reassuring to them that they don't think I will go into labor in the next 1-2 weeks! Hooray! AND they said if its negative, they may even think about letting me go home!!!!!!! I'm not sure how likely that actually is, but we'll see. They said they will do the test this morning and it takes about 4 hours for the results and then they will take to the perinatologist who has been in charge of my care. How things change around here! Please keep these specific things in your prayers, I would love to get to go home but even if I don't it would be a pretty big sigh of relief if we had a pretty high chance of NOT delivering in the next 1-2 weeks!


  1. We had the FFN test with our twins too. It came back negative at 27weeks. Hopefully it will give your docs a good gauge for sending you home or not. Thinking about you a lot and praying. :)

    ~Naomi Jenkins

  2. I've never had an FFN test. But I'm sure it'll come out fine. You got Rineharts in you... we don't make 'em weak.

    -- John