Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thursday Afternoon

We had our ultrasound this morning, they measured my cervix and the fluids of the babies again. They confirmed that indeed, Baby A and Baby B have switched fluid amounts in their bubbles. Baby B, who had the low amount the last 2 weeks now has the higher amount and Baby A, who had the higher amount, now has the lower amount. I asked the perinatologist if they saw that very often and she said no, so who knows! The good news with that is that both babies are still on the upper and lower limits of acceptable. Right now, they are not as worried about that and are actually saying it may only possibly be twin to twin transfusion. My cervix is measuring the same as it was yesterday so they will continue to watch that as well. The Dr said that sometimes a cervix WILL close up again so that's what we are praying for!!
They have started me on taking ibuprofen which can help to calm down any irritability/inflammation that may be happening in my uterus causing me to have contractions. They are going to have me take the ibuprofen for 2 days and then will check the babies fluids on Saturday again to make sure it is not affecting the babies kidneys/amounts of fluid that they have. If the fluids have changed they will stop the ibuprofen. If the fluid changes are from the ibuprofen then in theory they will correct themselves within a day or two. If it is from twin to twin transfusion, then the fluids were going to change anyway and the ibuprofen wouldn't have made a difference regarding the fluids.
We have had visits from probably every single person in the hospital today....our perinatologist, the neonatologist, dietary, social work, the people who fix tvs etc. It has been a rather exhausting day and I am hoping to get a little better sleep tonight.
My mom has been here keeping me company today and Danny will come down tomorrow after work and stay the weekend with me. For now, they are just watching us and my jobs are to rest and eat. I can order food as many times as I want during the day (they even have little Haagen Dazs ice creams!) So that's all for now. We are just waiting and hoping these boys keep hanging in there! Thankyou for all your prayers we really do appreciate them!

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  1. Jana,

    I'm not sure if you remember me from high school or not, but I wanted to let you know that I am praying for you, your husband and your babies. My sister, Kaysha had a baby at UW five weeks ago and you are in great hands there! - Carly (Schouten) Vander Woude