Thursday, May 5, 2011

21 Weeks!

Hooray! We made it another week! I never thought I would be so happy to see each day come and go and be uneventful, eventually adding up to another week that our babies are safe and secure in their little home. The OB told us that every day the babies spend in the womb is like 7 days in a NICU. I am happy to report that I have had quite a few less contractions lately and am hoping it continues! I am resting for the majority of the day, but it is nice to be able to get up and at least do a few little things around the house. I have had a few visitors over the week, which has been really nice. It makes my days go a little faster and I feel a little more like a normal person when I get to see other people.

A few days ago my parents came over (have I mentioned how wonderful they are!?) and moved the crib we have had sitting in the garage into the house so that I could make the bed. I like to feel like I am sort of slowly starting to get things ready. So, I have one crib all ready to go! The other crib is missing a few bolts so we need to find the right kind and then it will be ready to go also. I had Danny buy me some baby laundry detergent so I did a little load of the baby clothes that we have collected from 2nd Chance and from Little Bugs, the consignment store in Bellingham (its probably a good thing I can't get there again any time soon!)

 My OB here in Bham called to see how things at the appointment went and to check up on me and see how I was doing. She is so great, I am sad that I probably won't really get to see her for most of the rest of this pregnancy, unless they let me do every other week check ups here.

- Weight Gain: 22 lbs as of Monday, my stomach is 36.5 inches around. I can now use my stomach as a small table for snacks, plates, beverages :) I sort of thought my stomach had slowed down in its growth, however, the other night I tried to wear one of my pajama shirts and it was a little snug. So, now I have switched over to wearing Danny's t-shirts, just to bed for now!
- Babies: About the size of bananas (I forgot to ask at our last appt how much the babies actually weighed, I will try and remember on Monday!) They continue to kick and roll around as usual, the kicking is starting to get stronger.
- Things I miss: being able to paint my toenails and sleeping on my stomach
- Cravings: I still really haven't had very many, just chocolate and ice cream but that's not specific to pregnancy for me!

And, a few pictures from the week. Please excuse my hair in the first one, I didn't have any visitors today! Karen stopped by and brought me a blizzard earlier this week and then Jordan and Karen also stopped by on a walk. Jordan picked some dandelions and was smelling them so much his whole upper lip was yellow.

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  1. Anytime you need a visitor or icecream we are a phone call away!! Jordan loves coming to visit you and Michelle has been asking to stop by so I have to children who would love an excuse to stop too!