Thursday, May 26, 2011

24 Weeks!!!!!!

Well, we made it! I honestly wasn't sure if we would ever make it to this day but I'm so thankful that we did!! Since we hit the "viable" mark they will be monitoring the babies heart rates twice a week. They put me on the monitor and watch the babies heart rates for about 20 minutes to make sure they are behaving. I had this done today and it was a little rough because they had hard time finding both babies at the same time. They move constantly move around and I was laying flat on my back for over an hour, which I don't do very well with. But, of course the babies did fine! They also gave me a glucose test to check for gestational diabetes, which I passed so that's also good news.
Please continue to pray as we make decisions about when to get the steroids (I think I mentioned it before) , its kind of a guessing game as to when we get them because we don't want to get them too early but also don't want to wait until its too late! Danny is driving up tomorrow after work to spend the long weekend with me. My birthday is this weekend so my mom brought me a little early birthday cake :)

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  1. YEA - that is an answer to lots of prayer! Take care of yourself and your babes. Continued prayers for you all.

    Jennifer (Karen's neighbor)