Friday, May 20, 2011


We are happy to report we don't have much to report today. I have had some scattered contractions today but not really any consistent/timeable contractions!! This is such a huge blessing because the regular contractions are the ones that cause changes in the cervix. Those are also the ones that really stress me out because I know they are coming and coming and there is nothing I can do. I got some good sleep last night thanks to a sleeping pill. They gave it to me about 8:30 pm and the nurse came in at midnight to give me my ibuprofen and I just remember telling her that I couldn't open my eyes because they gave me a sleeping pill :) But I think I really needed the sleep and have been feeling much better today.
My Dr came to see me today and gave me permission to go outside twice a day in a wheelchair! Yahoo!!! It was SO nice to get out of my room and get some fresh air, especially since the weather was so nice out.
My mom went home for a little break and Danny is here for the weekend. We are hoping for a nice, quiet weekend with more days like today. They will check the babies fluids tomorrow to see if we can continue with the ibuprofen.
Here I am in my lovely hospital attire, these are my "one size fits no one" pants...the only size they have

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