Friday, May 13, 2011

22 weeks!

Hooray! Another week down! I've been at home for 2 weeks now. Honestly, they haven't gone quickly but I'm glad they were uneventful for the most part.

I had a pretty eventful day yesterday, I did some Dr. approved couch surfing (she said it would be good for my sanity :) over to the Smith's house for a little change of scenery. That was a big outing for me so then I took a 2 hour nap. My niece Michelle rode her scooter over after school and played some games with me and helped with a few little things around the house. Then my friend Mika came over and brought some really good cinnamon rolls that Danny and I have been enjoying!

- Weight Gain: Not much this week, still at 22 pounds. We talked with a nutritionist at our last appt and she said that by about halfway through the pregnancy they want you to have gained half of your weight. They told me I would gain about 40 lbs so I think I'm right on track!
- Babies: I keep meaning to ask how much the babies weigh, but I always forget, maybe I will remember to ask at our appt next week. When they measured my stomach they said I am measuring about as big as someone who is 30 weeks along! Now I feel better about why everything (like rolling over) requires more effort and why my back hurts! The baby kicks are starting to get uncomfortably close to my ribs, I can only imagine what it will be like soon! They are definitely getting stronger and Baby A is certainly an active little fellow. Baby B moves around a lot at times also, but they said its normal to not feel him moving as much because he doesn't have as much room as his brother!
- Things I miss: Not having heartburn, sleeping on my stomach or my back
- Cravings: The usual...chocolate, smoothies, pie. I had really been wanting a hard boiled egg for some reason for the last week or so. My mom brought me one today and I still don't like them! I didn't know you would crave things you don't like!

We continue to be so grateful to those who have stopped by to visit, brought snacks, lent us movies, called to check in etc. This would definitely be a lot harder if we didn't have so many great friends and family! We are getting closer to the 24 week mark, which is kind of one of the little milestones/goals I have set in my mind. While I certainly want the babies to stay in a lot longer than 24 weeks, I think I will breathe a little sigh of relief when we hit that spot because then the babies are considered able to survive if they were born, where as right now they wouldn't. We are starting to adjust to some of these new changes and are feeling God's peace that He will carry us through! And here's the belly in all its glory :)

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