Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Up and Down Again

Being here is like being on a roller coaster. One minute everything looks okay and the next minute things are changing and we just aren't sure what is going to happen. I have been rather uncomfortable the last few days and when they weighed me yesterday I had gained another 5 lbs. My Dr came in to see me this morning and when I told her that she said she wanted to check on the babies fluids again. So she did a quick bedside ultrasound and found that Baby B once again has too much fluid and they are back to being concerned about twin to twin transfusion. They want to do an amnioreduction tomorrow and draw off some of the fluid from Baby B. Since this procedure has the potential to induce labor they are also giving me the steroid shot today. We are also scheduled to go today for the echocardiograms of the babies hearts at Children's today, otherwise they would have done the amnioreduction today. So, please keep all of those things in your prayers. 1) That the babies hearts look normal at the echo 2) That the amnioreduction doesn't put me into labor or 3) that I don't go into labor for at least 48 hours so that the boys get the benefits of the steroids. This gives us a few things to think about so please continue to keep us in your prayers! Thank you for all you have already done for us!

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  1. praying for the three of you. Thanks for the update. Bonnie VanFossen