Sunday, April 15, 2012

Life Besides Diapers

I know there has been a lot of diaper talk lately, but I can't help it. I am just so excited about this project. It has been really healing for me to be able to put some of my energy towards this.

Anyway, besides diapers, what have we been doing?

Mowing the lawn. Putting our feet in the grass. Running outside anytime we see the sun. Scooting. Sitting up for more than 3 seconds. YES! That's right, Cohen is almost officially a sitter. He can sit for several minutes but still gets a little too excited and falls over sometimes. Sewing diapers. Oh, sorry! Getting $65 worth of clothes for $20 at Old Navy on a recent shopping trip, I was pretty proud of that (it came out to $2 a piece if you are wondering, under my $5 budget!). Thinking about weeding my front little garden. Spitting up everywhere. Cleaning up spit up from everywhere. Starting a new reflux med. Planning a birthday party. Getting excited about summer. Working. Making plans for summer. Eating scones. Going for walks. Planning our annual Memorial Day camping trip.

Yep, I think that's about it. Here's Cohen's version of what we've been up to. He has milk all over his face because whenever he drinks his bottles he thinks it's fun to hold on to the nipple and try and put it in his mouth which makes milk go everywhere. This happens about 30 times during an 8 oz bottle.


  1. Must eat all the things!!! LOL, he is so cute

  2. I love this video of him talking. He's so sweet. And the milk on his face... P has the same trick!