Friday, April 6, 2012

Fess Up Friday

* After not eating real food for a few days (this is a VERY big deal for Danny), I was reading off all the Burger King coupons to him and he finally yelled at me to stop saying Whopper because he was sad he couldn't have one. Then he accused me of taunting him. Poor boy has taken to changing the radio station whenever an ad comes on about food.

* I'm a pretty big baby when I get sick. I tell everyone I have the plague.

* Danny had his wisdom teeth out Friday. Sunday night I woke up in the middle of the night in a panic,
asking him if he had been taking his antibiotics to which he replied "What antibiotics?" Whoops, nurse fail.

* I have special superpowers. I can tell how a day is going to go way ahead of time. Like when I am up changing a poopy diaper at 3 am and glance over to see the cat barfing on the rug, I know it might be a rough day. I know, it's amazing. 

* I may have eaten an entire loaf of french bread by myself. I'm not exactly sure how it happened so fast, but based on the fact that Danny couldn't eat real was either me or Cohen.

* I stayed in my pajamas more days than I got dressed this week. 

* We are sneaking Cohen to church for the first time on Easter!

* And, in the spirit of confessing...I usually take about 10 pictures of Cohen to get ONE good one..most of them look like this

 {Oh, and here are his chompers! You can see them better now, but it's too hard to get him to hold still to take a picture. See above}


  1. this is a test comment. i'll have more to write if this actually works:)

  2. If that's you Rachel, IT WORKED! :)

  3. So glad you feel PJ are appropraite mama attire, me too.

    What did we do before digital cameras.

    Have a Great Easter sunday!!