Saturday, April 28, 2012

Baseball Season

We have a few busy weekends ahead of us. We are headed to Seattle today for our friend Bridget's baby shower and next weekend for the March of Dimes. Baseball season is here. Danny played on my brother Joel's church softball team. We went to his practice the night before but didn't make it to the game since it was past Cohen's bedtime. We thought the game was going to be at Bender, which is within walking distance of our house, but at the last minute we found out it was farther away, so we opted to stay home and go to bed on time. Karen took some pictures for me since I wasn't there.

{The boys - Josh, Danny, & Joel}

Danny also likes to listen to the Mariner games on the radio in the evenings (although we usually only make it halfway through before they start losing horribly and we turn it off). They have the game on in the living room while they play on the floor.
{Listening to the game with his rally cap on}

{Danny's turn}

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