Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Weekend - Friday

Please forgive the following mass amount of posts...we had a really fun weekend and I have lots I want to remember. Both my boys are in bed early after a busy weekend so I figure I better do it now while I can.

Every year my sister Karen puts on an Easter egg hunt for the kids. She always gets good candy and has lots of eggs. She added a few more this year for me Cohen. It was hailing like crazy about an hour before the hunt but then all of a sudden the sun came out. We walked down to the little park, which is right in between all of our houses, to see if she needed any help spreading out the eggs. But, she was already done! So, we just walked around and let Cohen plan his route.

 {This is what you do with them, right Mom?}


 {I think I'll save this one for later...}

 {Those big kids got nothin' on me...}

 {Egg? Where?}


{Checking out his loot}

 {Giving Gramma kisses}

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