Friday, April 27, 2012

Fess Up Friday

Fess Up Friday is FINALLY back...

* Sometimes I wonder why we even buy Cohen toys because his favorite things to play with are the crevice tool from the vacuum and sweatshirt strings

* I don't like peanut butter in my chocolate (except for peanut butter M&M's) I know, call me crazy.

* I find Danny's ever increasing frustration with the Mariner's funny. I laugh when he says things like "It's like we're the special ed team of baseball", which usually makes him more irritated. And then I post things on his facebook wall like, "Hey, did you hear about that inning the Mariner's had an 8-1 lead and they somehow let Cleveland score 7 runs to tie the game?"

* We keep our potatoes on top of our washing machine, for lack of any better place to keep them. Some of them fell back behind the washer and are still there because I can't reach them to get them out.

* I laugh when Danny hits his head on things because you would think after 10 years of being that tall he would figure it out.

* I may have slightly overreacted when I thought Danny had eaten my leftover pizza and only left one piece for me. I may have sent him a hangry text message accusing him of eating all my pizza. I may have later discovered that he only ate one piece and that I had misplaced the rest in the fridge.

* While taking my ponytail out I found a bug in my hair. Yuck. My hair is good at hiding things and we've been doing a lot of walking outside, so no telling how long that was in there.

And, in case you missed this picture on our facebook page, here is Mr. Pacific Northwest in his socks and sandals and wearing shorts at 55*


  1. What a cute idea did you come up with fess up Friday? I so LOL at the pizza I would totally do that :)I also laughed at the potato, because I found a seriously rotten banana behind our cabinet today...OH MY GROSS. I love the pic of Cohen!

  2. I love the Pacific Northwest outfit. :-)